Marlou Russell, Ph.D. is the author of the book, ADOPTION WISDOM: A Guide to the Issues and Feelings of Adoption.

ADOPTION WISDOM is available at
ADOPTION WISDOM validates the feelings of current triad members, prepares those who are considering adoption, and educates people about the lifelong impact of adoption.

ADOPTION WISDOM offers insight and understanding of adoptees, birth parents, and adoptive parents. A book for anyone who wants to know more about the realities of adoption.

"Gentle, articulate and thorough." Carol Schaefer, author of The Other Mother.

"A must read for anyone connected with adoption." Nancy Verrier, MA, author of The Primal Wound.

"Here is finally a book that tells it like it is." Thomas Verny, MD, author of The Secret Life of the Unborn Child.

Ask for ADOPTION WISDOM at your local library and bookstore.