Dr. Russell offers psychotherapy for adults in her private practice in Santa Monica, California. Although she has trained in many areas, Dr. Russell specializes in Adoption Issues and works with Adoptees, Birth parents, and Adoptive Parents.

As an adoptee who searched and found her birth family and continues to have positive reunion relationships, Dr. Russell is in a unique position to counsel adoption triad members.

With over twenty years of counseling experience, Dr. Russell knows that people ultimately have their own answers. Dr. Russell also believes in practical well being. She helps clients get the information and understanding they need to be able to feel better, communicate clearly, and resolve conflicts effectively.

You may contact Dr. Russell by phone (310) 829-1438 or email to discuss psychotherapy and counseling. 


Dr. Russell offers consultation on Adoption Issues for Adoptees, Birth parents, Adoptive parents, people considering adoption, and for Mental Health Professionals.

Dr Russell consults on such topics as Search and Reunion, Parenting your Adopted Child, Reunion Relationships, What to Consider before Choosing Adoption, and What Prospective Adoptive Parents Need to Know.

Dr. Russell offers Case Consultation to Therapists and Counselors who are working with adoption triad members in their practice or clinic.

Dr. Russell is consulted and interviewed frequently as an Adoption Expert for magazines, radio and television. You may contact Dr. Russell by email or by phone (310) 829-1438 to discuss your consultation needs. 

Classes and Trainings

Dr. Russell has taught the class, The Lifelong Impact of Adoption, at Santa Monica College since 1994. This class is for adult adoptees, birth parents, adoptive parents, prospective adoptive parents, those considering adoption, therapists, adoption attorneys, the media, and anyone who wants to know more about the psychological and emotional aspects of adoption.

Dr. Russell frequently provides training for mental health professionals on Psychotherapy and Adoption Issues. Since many therapists do not receive information about adoption issues in their advanced degree programs, this training helps therapists better understand and help clients who are touched by adoption

Dr. Russell is an invited speaker at various adoption conferences throughout the United States and Canada. Dr. Russell's presentations are well received and she is known for her ability to impart important and emotional information in a warm and understandable format.

Dr. Russell is available to speak to organizations and groups on a variety of topics. Contact Dr. Russell at (310)829-1438 or to discuss your group?s specific needs.